Kenna Valentina Forced Bisexual Fantasy

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Kenna Valentina is a demanding mistress who love breaking guys down and making them beg for mercy. Whatever your weakness is, this hot fetish babe Kenna Valentina will find out and hit you there hard.
If you want to be one of my sex slaves, you are going to have to prove your loyalty. One of my boy toys is coming over here soon, and what I want you to do is suck his cock and let him fuck you in the ass. I know you like women, but if you do this for me, you will have proved yourself to me and can join my flock.
You have to do a good job, too. You can’t just sit there and let him fuck your face. You are going to have to do all the work and if he isn’t satisfied, then you are going to have to be punished severely. Make sure that you really work the shaft and cup the balls when you are sucking his cock, he really loves it when you do that.
- Kenna Valentina


Stefania Mafra

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Stefania Mafra is one kinky lady who loves giving out instructions on how to give head while being topless. Her dirty words and those perky tits are all her fellow needs to enjoy another bi fantasy.
I want you to start teasing my massive black cock. Lick it with your tongue all over the shaft. You are going to make this dick nice and hard. Now stick in your mouth. Open wide and let that member slide right down your throat while you are gagging on it. Don't stop.
Stroke it while it penetrates your oral cavity. Don't forget to massage those nice balls while you are deepthroating that boner.
Start licking on its head and feel it pulsate on your lips. You must be enjoying that monster prick while you are feeling it in your throat. Spit on it and stroke it while you suck it. Make it cum like never before. I think it is ready to blow all over your face.
- Stefania Mafra


Strapon Anal Sex Ass Toying Videos Bisexual

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Tabitha Rose is a saucy mistress who loves breaking in her new slaves with big strapon dildos. By the time this kinky babe gets through with your ass, you won’t be able to walk right for a week.
We’re going to try something different tonight that I think you are going to love. Have you ever been fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strapon dildo? Great! There is nothing that I love more than breaking in a nice tight virgin ass with my big thick strapon dildo.
Don’t worry. I’m going to break you in slow with some smaller toys to stretch you out a little bit first. You can just lay back while I toy your tight ass and stroke your hard cock. Once you are good and loose and oiled up, I’m going to ram your ass hard while wearing this big thick strapon dildo.
- Tabitha Rose


Nikki Brooks in a video at

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Stunning blonde Nikki Brooks is great at making bi fantasies come true. She likes being naughty with her words and knows how to excite her slave.
I have heard that you have no idea how to be a good little sissy boy and take cocks. So, I will guide you through this. The first thing that you need to know is that you need to lube up this pulsating love tool. And not just by spitting on it. We will need the nice slimy spit, the one that resides in the back of your throat. How far down do you think you can take it? It really doesn't matter since you are going to take it anyways.
Start stroking that dick, enjoy making it stiff and make sure to keep eye contact. Nobody likes a wandering eye. Now it's time for you to get on your knees and start choking on that huge prick. That dong should be down your throat as far as it can go. Remember: no gagging because that is not sexy at all.
- Nikki Brooks


Enchantress Sahrye in a bi fantasy movie

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Enchantress Sahrye is a fetish babe who is one of a kind. If you think you know all about having kinky sex you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about until you have spent the night with this dark and gorgeous mistress.
Now that you are my sex slave, you are going to have to get used to being constantly fucked in all your holes. I could have just thrown you to the wolves without properly stretching you out, but I am going to show a rare bit of mercy and break that virgin ass of yours in first.
Of course that doesn’t mean I am going to take it easy on you for your first time. I am going to tear that virgin ass up so hard you’re going to be walking funny for the rest of the week. Now bend over and spread your cheeks. I’m going in dry, so you might want to bite your lip because this is going to hurt.
- Enchantress Sahrye


Topless Richelle Ryan in a video at

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Seductive mistress Richelle Ryan wants to turn her slave boy gay so she got a massive prick for his mouth and butt. This woman is great at giving out instructions when it comes to bi fantasies.
Since you are so curious I am going to teach you how to suck this nice big black cock. Besides learning how to choke on a boner you will also acquire some knowledge on how to take it up the ass. Look at massive prick. I want you to worship it like it is the last thing you will ever have, almost like it is your last meal. I want you to run your hands up and down that shaft. I just need you to slowly lick each side of this black dildo after what I will need you to suck the whole length of this prick. Work it slowly.
You need to make it nice and hard. I want you to work it inside your mouth until it hits the back of your throat. Now start spreading those butt cheeks and get on all fours. I am going to make you sit on this dong. I want that big dick deep up your anus.
- Richelle Ryan


Princess Anna in a bi fantasy video clip

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Princess Anna is a merciless mistress who knows just how to break a man down. You had better do as your mistress commands, because you don’t even want to know what she does to disobedient slaves.
Let me ask you a question. Have you ever sucked cock before? You haven’t? Well that’s good because tonight I am going to teach you how, and it’s good you don’t already have any bad habits we are going to have to make you unlearn. Using this big strapon dildo I am going to teach you how to suck cock like a pro.
Every good slave should know how to suck dick, because you never know what you mistress might command you to do. If I ever take you to a party I might get you to suck some dick for our amusement and it would look bad if you didn’t know how to suck a cock properly.
- Princess Anna


Luna in a video clip at YourBiFantasy

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Sexy mistress Luna Vera has a great surprise for her slave. She got a monster sex toys for his narrow anal hole and the chick is ready to make her guy beg for more.
I know that little ass of yours is dying to get fucked so I have a treat for you in a form of a massive love tool. You want to get fucked doggy style, don't you? Now turn around and bend over. I am barely going to use any lube this time. I want to get that ass raw and burning. I hope you are ready to take this massive black dick up your anus.
This is like your dream come true. You have always dreamed of the day when you could fully submit to a woman since you are a sissy. I can see you are enjoying these deep thrusts in that narrow butt of yours. It drives you crazy and I know that you are constantly thinking about this boner up your hole. Get on your knees and start sucking it. You like the taste of ass on this huge dildo. Lick it clean.
- Luna Vera


Roxy Taggart Femdom Bisexual Threesome Sex

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Roxy Taggart is a kinky mistress who loves helping men indulge their deepest fantasies, no matter how dirty they are. Strap in because you are about to be taken on the wildest ride of your life with this stunning fetish babe.
Do you remember than one time that you told me you had always wanted to be in a bisexual threesome one day? Well guess what? I called up one of my big cocked friends and he agreed to come over and help make your bisexual fantasy a reality. He’s got a huge cock and he definitely knows how to use it.
If you thought that fucking a woman was the best thing ever, wait until you have your dick balls deep in my pussy while you’re getting fucked in the ass at the same time. You’ve never felt an orgasm like the one you are about to have while having your prostate and cock worked at the same time.
- Roxy Taggart


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