Enchantress Sahrye in a bisexual fantasy video clip

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Enchantress Sahrye just loves to be in control of her slaves and have them fuck one another. Listen to her commands closely as she brings you into a unique world of sissification and crossdressing.
Make yourself pretty for me, because I am sick and tired of being the only one that dresses up around here. How about a matching pink thong and bra combination? Yeah, I think that would suit you quite nicely. I love the idea of you dressing up for me, after all, I go to so much effort and make myself look like the most feminine one, why not you?
How about when you are completely done, I stick this thick cock deep in your mouth. Do you like being my bisexual plaything that does as I say and nothing else? I hope you like the idea of being on your knees, expecting me to stick this rock hard cock as far as I can inside you. You are such a beautiful little sissy whore that I cannot wait to see fucked.
- Enchantress Sahrye


Tabitha and Jessica from Your Bi Fantasy .com

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Tabitha and Jessica caught their fellow watching some kinky videos and now they want to make his fantasy come true by teaching him how to give a blowjob. These cute mistresses are really good at giving out orders.
You have been a bad boy watching all that gay porn so I think that we will have to make you suck a lot of dicks. But first thing is first, we are going to train you. Oh, maybe we should dress him up like a girl. Put on some makeup on that face and some bright red lipstick which will look so good while he is choking on a cock. After that we are going to take you out and meet some boys who we are going to take home and direct you while you suck their pricks.
You are going to pull down their pants and get the penises nice and hard. The best way to do that is to lick those cocks all over. After you have achieved that you can stick their dongs all the way down your throat. If it is not deep enough we will let you know.
- Tabitha & Jessica


Catherine Foxx Bisexual Femdom Fantasy

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Catherine Foxx is a devastatingly sexy babe who has power over men like you’ve never seen before. There is something about this super hot fetish babe Catherine Foxx that you just can’t resist.
Guess what? I have a bunch of big cocked friends coming over tonight and you are going to suck them all off. You are going to sit in the center of a big circle of horny guys and you aren’t going to stop sucking until every last one of them has drained their balls all over you. It’s going to get real messy tonight so I hope you brought a big appetite for cock.
Don’t even try to deny that you are excited about it. This is your fantasy isn’t it? I know that secretly deep down that you fantasize about getting your mouth pumped by a group of guys ever night. The first time I saw you I knew that you were a sissy faggot who loved the cock but would never admit it out loud.
- Catherine Foxx


Hannah Perez with a dildo for your ass

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Stunning woman Hannah Perez likes showing off her perky tits as she is making a horny guy's bi fantasy comes true. This alluring mistress is great at giving out blowjob instructions.
Look at this amazing cock! Don't you just love it? Oh, you like girls. Well, I have something else in mind for you and since I am the goddess, what I say goes. Now that this is clear, I am going to give you a lesson in dick sucking. What you want to do is take this nice big dick, look it right in the eye and give it a little taste. Run your tongue all around that tip. Make sure you get the shaft, too. You want to please your man, don't you? Give that head a nice sloppy kiss before you open wide. Just the thought on this makes your horny.
Make sure to wear some lipstick before choking on a boner so you can leave some marks on it. It could be your signature. Take it nice and deep. I know that you can take it pretty deep down your throat.
- Hannah Perez


Natalie Laine Carmen Valentina Roxie Rae Bisexual Femdom

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Natalie Laine, Roxie Rae, and Carmen Valentina are three sexy fetish babes that you don’t say no to. These three smoking hot babes are worth all the pain and suffering so just grit your teeth and take it like a man.
We’re throwing a little party tonight and we have something special planned for you. We are going to dress you up in a sexy schoolgirl uniform, a cute blonde wig with pigtails, and some super cute knee high socks. Then we are going to let all the frat boys we invited over have their way with you.
I hope you hold up better than out last slave we had because the last time we let all the frat boys gangbang him they were a little bit too rough. You have better do a good job of sucking their cocks and taking it up the ass or they are going to get mad and you definitely don’t want to piss of a big horny group of frat boys.
- Natalie Laine, Roxie Rae, & Summer Day


Hot brunette Lynn Pops

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This tattooed beauty is amazing at teasing her slave with her dirty bisexual words. Lynn Pops knows how to dress up a fellow in a kinky outfit and make him do all the things she wants.
I have some fine lingerie just for you. I will make you wear my sexy bra and panties. I want to dress you up into a pretty girl and make you suck a dick. You would do anything to please me, wouldn't you? You are going to look great as a chick with that massive boner between your lips. I cannot wait to see you gag and gasp for air. Tell me how much you crave this member.
Once you put this alluring outfit on, you are going to dance around and you are going to show me what a sexy babe you are. After that, I will teach you how to get on your knees, put your head back, stick out your tongue and get wet and wild with a monster dildo. I can see how much you want this. You are going to learn how to suck a cock real good.
- Lynn Pops


Kandii Kiss in a video at YourBiFantasy

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Nasty blonde mistress knows how to doll up her slave in a nice outfit and prepare him for a stallion's pulsating member. Kandii Kiss loves teasing with her dirty words about a bisexual fantasy.
We need to get you all pretty and sexy for your hot date tonight, so don't be shy. Get over here and let me put some lipstick on you and some of this lime color shadow for your eyes. Let's get that outfit on you since you want to look nice for your stud. Now that we got you all nice and slutty for your date, you are ready to play with your new friend's erected boner.
Open wide and stick your tongue out. Let this engorged cock smack you all over your face. You seem to like this. I want you to take that huge dick deep down your throat while you are gagging on it. You just love sucking a boner I can feel you getting hard. I bet you are ready to take a massive load in your mouth while you are playing with those soft balls.
- Kandii Kiss


Natalie Laine Roxie Rae First Time Bisexual

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I think you would look pretty darn cute all dressed up like a girl and tied down on the bed with your ass in the air. How about if we invited over some guys to fuck your little man pussy?
You are going to take it in the ass and you are going to love it you little sissy bitch. Because we know all you can do is fantasize about your first bisexual experience and you want us to make it happen because you are too shy and wussy to do it yourself
-Natalie Laine & Roxie Rae


Hollis Ireland Bisexual Fantasy

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Hollis Ireland is a fiery redhead who will put your bitch ass in its place!
Hey there QUEER BOY!
Oh what, you didn't think I didn't know that you kind of have a little thing for men??? Haha, oh I know, it was supposed to be a little secret right? But last night I caught you on the computer downstairs when thought no one was looking. Oh you were looking at porn like any man, sure, but what you were looking at was what I am not use to most men watching...
Instead of watching hot girls get fucked you were just watching men fuck other men!
- Hollis Ireland


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